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27 Club – I Just Need a Friend – DVD in sleeve


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Rock and Roll demolished barriers, broke down walls, questioned every assumption and embraced every possibility. We should not be surprised that some of today’s most influential people reference the music and message of this Golden Age as the inspiration for seeing the world differently. However, this Golden Age had a dark side. With all the money and fame came excess in every way, and out of this carnage came the “27 Club”, which includes the rock stars who, uncannily, all died at the age of 27, Jimmy Hendrix, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Jasin Joplin, and Jim Morison, and in recent years, it has added members such as Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

What caused these stars to become members of the 27 Club? Why were they cut short at the heights of their creativity? Are there any messages that can be learned for us? By understanding their lives, can we live our lives brighter, fuller, more creative and meaningful?

Running Time: 28 Minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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