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40+ Tips and Tricks to Entice Picky Young Eaters – Booklet


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Many parents are advised by their doctors, nutritionists, and family and friends to ignore their child’s food fussiness and that it will go away with age. There are many reasons for these issues, and knowing which category your child fits into can help you manage the challenge. Keep in mind that up to 20% of kids are defined as picky eaters, which can persist until the age of eight in about a third of them. Some children do carry this trait into adolescence and adulthood, though. Unfortunately, being a picky eater can lead to malnutrition and further fussiness, which leads to increased malnutrition. It is, therefore, essential to ascertain the actual problem so that you can improve the nutrients your child is consuming and optimise their brain (and physical) development.
24 Pages |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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