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Checkpoint Charlie & The Price of Freedom – DVD in sleeve


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This is the place where East meets West in the heart of Europe. This is the place where Communism and Capitalism clashed. During the Cold War, the crossing point between the East and West was called Checkpoint Charlie and was universally known as the epicentre of the conflict. Throughout its history, it was a place of high tension and drama.

It all began after the Second World War with the 1945 occupation of Germany. The United States and the Soviet Union began to emerge as ideologically opposed ‘superpowers’, each wanting to exert their influence in the post-war world. And unfortunately, Germany became the focus of Cold War politics. It was an era of secrets, spies, espionage, covert operations, agents and assassins. Many agents operated undercover and lived double lives to infiltrate enemy governments and societies. It was a time when information was king and fear and uncertainty ruled.

Join us on a journey back to the Cold War, when Checkpoint Charlie held centre stage in the fight for freedom, as we take a closer look at the price of freedom and what freedom is – and as we do so, you may find the freedom you’re looking for.

Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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