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Cosmic Conflict: How the Rebellion Ends


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This book reveals how planet earth has been taken over by people in power who are working with supernatural intelligences hidden in plain sight and how it is all about to end – sooner and more spectacularly than you may have imagined.

The book unapologetically acknowledges the fact that the universe was created by an infinitely powerful Being who governs His creation using nothing but principled love. His Guideline for the universe is profoundly simple: Freely reciprocate your Creator’s lavish love, and love one another as yourself. He longs for our aware, heartfelt response; however He has received nothing but “bad press” from those who control public perception. Consequently many people fear and distrust Him; or use false science in vain attempts to deny his very existence.

Because God is Love, in the distant past His created beings experienced the greatest possible love, joy and peace by loving Him in return. However, after a long time this ideal situation was challenged by the first being to be created: Lucifer (‘Shining One’; ‘Light-bearer’), whose appointed role was to support God’s government at the highest level. But he fostered pride in his exceptional, God-given abilities, and claimed there was no need for created super-beings to obey God’s law. He declared that because they were all faultless, they should simply follow their own hearts, looking after their own interests without interference or constraint. To do otherwise, he claimed, would make them slaves, or worse, mere robots. Eventually he rebelled openly against God and his name was changed to Satan (‘Adversary’) to reflect his self-corrupted nature. As a result, God faced a serious dilemma: How could He quell Lucifer’s unjustified mutiny without violating His own law of unforced love.

This book tells how super-being Satan’s intergalactic rebellion and his audacious take-over of planet Earth will soon be revealed as the utter failure and ruin that it is.

240 Pages |
Publisher: Allen Sonter

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