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Matthew Flinders, The Man Who Named Australia – DVD in sleeve


Captain Matthew Flinders RN is credited with naming Australia. He is also the first man to have circumnavigated the continent with the help of Bungaree and the crew of HM sloop Investigator. His book A Voyage to Terra Australis describes his travels around the great southern landmass, complete with maps and charts. In January 2019, archaeologists excavating a site just behind London’s Euston Station discovered Flinders’ coffin and his bones. It was a ground-breaking discovery that offered scientists the opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary man and his life.

This program takes a look at the life and times of this illustrious naval explorer. A man who will go down in history as one of the world’s greatest explorers.
Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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