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Pro Hart – Hero of the Outback – DVD in Sleeve


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Kevin Charles “Pro” Hart captured a unique history of Australia, its people, its culture and its lifestyle. He was a miner from the oldest mining town in Australia, a storyteller, a larrikin and the ‘working man’s painter’. Join Gary Kent on this journey in Australia’s harsh yet beautiful Outback to discover the source of his inspiration. Pro Hart, known as the father of the Australian Outback painting movement, was a husband, a devoted father, a storyteller, an artist, a sculptor, and an inventor. Although he travelled the world and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, presidents, prime ministers, movie stars and royalty, he always returned to his beloved Broken Hill and life in the Outback. But few people know about a side to Pro Hart that buoyed his spirits and provided much of his inspiration. Join Gary Kent to find out more as we follow the footsteps of this prolific artist who would paint on anything from cars and miner’s caps to Bibles and lunch boxes. It’s a pilgrimage and an amazing journey.
Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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