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Part 2: Siege of Jerusalem – The Fall of Jerusalem series – DVD in Sleeve


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The siege of Jerusalem is best remembered for the horrors of famine that came with it. Thousands of people died of starvation and illness while those who struggled to survive did so at a terrible cost. Husbands turned on their wives; mothers cannibalised their children and people resorted to eating their shoes. Join us as we delve into this little-known chapter of history that serves as a chilling reminder of the horrors of war. IT IS ONE OF HISTORY’S DARKEST CHAPTERS. 70 AD. FOUR ROMAN LEGIONS SURROUND JERUSALEM. AT THE COMMAND OF GENERAL TITUS THEY DESTROY THE CITY AND ITS TEMPLE. OVER A MILLION PEOPLE PERISH. THE FALL OF JERUSALEM, A STORY OF LOST OPPORTUNITIES, AND FORGOTTEN WARNINGS. AN OMEN
Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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