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The Assassination of J.F.K – DVD in sleeve


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There are significant dates that are etched in our collective memories, and one of these dates is 22 November 1963.

At 12:30 pm, a gunshot rang out that reverberated right around the world. Years after John F Kennedy’s assassination, people are still captivated by the event that happened on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. As a young man, J.F.K survived WWII and received a Purple Heart for bravery, one of America’s highest honours for gallantry during battle, but his life ended on a peaceful autumn day, by an assassin’s bullet.

We’re still fascinated by how the death of one leader could impact a people, a culture, a nation, or a world. Join us as we look more closely into this historic event and the message it carries today.
Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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