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Part 3: The Kingdom Conquers – The Fall of Jerusalem series – DVD in Sleeve


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In a dark and oppressive period of history under Roman rule, the early Christians faced torture, brutality and the threat of death. But they displayed a courageous and unyielding spirit. There was one thing they refused to do – denounce their faith. But what was it that gave them such unshakable conviction? Join us as we explore their resilience, and uncover their untold stories of faith and courage. IT IS ONE OF HISTORY’S DARKEST CHAPTERS. 70 AD. FOUR ROMAN LEGIONS SURROUND JERUSALEM. AT THE COMMAND OF GENERAL TITUS THEY DESTROY THE CITY AND ITS TEMPLE. OVER A MILLION PEOPLE PERISH. THE FALL OF JERUSALEM, A STORY OF LOST OPPORTUNITIES, AND FORGOTTEN WARNINGS. AN OMEN
Running Time: 28:30 minutes |
Publisher: The Incredible Journey

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